At Blackrock Basketball, we want players to arrive early, stay long-term, and leave as young adults that accomplish every goal they set. We are proud to offer youth players the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of the game through our top-notch youth development programs. Blackrock Basketball provides a positive and committed environment for our players to learn and enjoy basketball year round from the best coaches available. 

Blackrock FUNdamentals - COMING SOON  (Ages 5-8)

An introductory basketball program for our youngest players. The Blackrock FUNdamentals program provides an introduction to the game of basketball, designed to instill a love of the game in a positive learning environment without participating in team competition.  The focus is on technical skills and fun games. Practice sessions are held twice a week for an hour. About half of the session is spent on skills, the other half on fun games and scrimmages.

Blackrock Player Evaluations (Ages 8-16)

Player Evaluations are drills and performance assessments that coaches to accurately determine program or level placement for the Blackrock Basketball Skills Academy. Player Evaluations are once a week at select basketball court locations. To get started, click the REGISTER link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Blackrock Skills Academy (Ages 8-16)

Blackrock Basketball has adapted the Jr. NBA’s turnkey instructional curriculum that was designed to improve the youth basketball experience for players, parents and coaches. The curriculum features four levels  – Rookie, Starter, All-Star and MVP – that provide proper instruction to youth players at every level of their skills progression and development training

Blackrock 3v3 Leagues and Tournaments (Ages 8-16)

The Blackrock Basketball 3v3 League and Tournament objective is to impact youth players’ long-term development by delivering a fun on court experience that creates additional opportunities for boys and girls ages 8-14 to engage in play, foster skill development, and cultivate friendships. 

Blackrock Local and AAU Competitions (Ages 8-16)

A comprehensive basketball program designed for motivated and committed players ages 8-14 years old. Players will be challenged in all dimensions of the game. A strong commitment from players and parents is necessary. Practice sessions have an increased emphasis on technical and functional training.  Speed, strength, and agility training are also emphasized.  Players learn to execute and perform specific skills related to specific positions on the court. Technical-functional training focuses on techniques that are most important to these positions. Tactical functional training is also position specific. Players learn the intricacies and indicators that help players know the difference between good and bad decisions. Skills related to spacing, team shape and movement with and without the ball are refined. Psychological dimensions are developed to deal with the inevitable challenges of the game and to foster mental toughness.  Creativity is fostered, and discipline is required. Practice sessions are two to three times per week for an hour and a half to two and a half hours. Depending on the specific team and age group, additional speed/agility, technical or fitness training may be incorporated into the program. These players aspire to play at the highest levels of the game. Competition and training sessions are year round and travel may be required.