Become a Sponsor

Blackrock Basketball encourages companies and organizations in and around the Henderson and Las Vegas area to consider sponsorship opportunities and become a proud supporter of Blackrock Basketball. With the help of our sponsors, we can continue to bring the best basketball experience possible for youth basketball players in the Southern Nevada.

Many of our basketball players would not have the opportunity to play basketball without our financial aid program and the generous donations from sponsors. Your sponsorship funds will help pay for courts, equipment and training to keep the costs down for all players. We believe that all youth basketball players should be able to participate in programs that enrich their lives and provide them with the physical, mental and character-building benefits that being part of a competitive basketball team provides, regardless of their family's financial status.  Positive partnerships are what build a strong community.

Great Reasons To Become a Blackrock Basketball Sponsor:
  • Financial: Companies or individuals receive a tax deduction for sponsorships.
  • Advertising: Companies can benefit from exposure of your brand to a targeted audience.
  • Community Building: Sponsoring a youth basketball organization like Blackrock Basketball instills a sense of pride, commitment and goodwill in the community and can help build long-term loyalty.
  • Reduce Costs: Help Blackrock Basketball defray the cost of courts, equipment, leagues etc.
  • Scholarships: Provide financial aid to families who are unable to afford a team basketball experience.

We are open to your creative ideas for how to make youth basketball a great experience for everyone and are eager to discuss creative partnership opportunities with you. Contact us at or 702.482.9491.  Thank you!