Back to School Mini Camp 08/03/2019

Back to School Mini-Camp 2019Blackrock Basketball Academy officially started with it's Back to School Mini-Camp for 2019. The kids worked hard, learned fundamentals, made friends and had a whole lot of fun.

Inside camp, we actually had a mock Jr. NBA Skills Challenge. Each player had 1 minute to zig zag dribble through 5 cones, speed dribble to another cone and then score as many shots possible from different point positions on the court. Again, it wasn't an official Jr. NBA competition (Coming Soon) but the winner did a great job and won a Spalding NBA Street Basketball.

I am very happy and pleased with the first of many Blackrock Basketball Academy mini-camps. I absolutely love what I do but can't help but wonder if I'm doing a good enough job sometimes. How do I know? When the kids are still smiling and call me coach at the end.

Thank you to the parents that allowed your kids to attend and I look forward to working these amazing young players in the near future.

Back to School Mini-Camp Team

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